A Short Version

Paul Ransley is a  journalist and finance professional who has combined both skills to create this website – a concept dedicated to helping business owners and their advisers learn more about Australia’s best loans and lenders.

Paul works from a home-based office under the watchful eye of his dog Gus.


A Longer Version

I grew up in New Zealand and migrated to Australia in the late 70’s.  I arrived  just as the television news business entered a period of extraordinary growth.   I rode the wave for 30 years covering crime, politics, celebrity, human interest and anything else it could serve up.  My employers included the Nine Network, the ABC, Channel 7 and Channel 10.  Along the way, I became an Australian citizen and changed my allegiance from the All Blacks to the Wallabies.  I took a hostage and we had a daughter who is now an adult and knows a lot more about the world than I ever did at her age.  The hostage continues to prove that the Stockholm Syndrome is a merciless affliction.

A decade ago, I abandoned television dispirited and disillusioned swearing that I would never again work for anybody but myself, that I would enforce a strict “no dickheads” policy and only take on customers I liked.

Armed with this resolve,  I entered the finance industry as a mortgage broker (yes, I know this raises questions about my judgement) but I enjoyed it for a few months until the Global Financial Crisis erupted driving the mortgage industry to its knees.  As they say in the classics, it was time to pivot and I sought refuge in the business community providing working capital and cash flow support to small and medium sized enterprises whose owners are our nation’s backbone.

It has been an enjoyable ride.  I have met and worked with some truly inspirational entrepreneurs, but now I find the urge to combine the skills of communication and finance, honed over many years, to better purpose.  So, www.bestbusinessloans.com.au was born.  As the tagline beneath the logo says our mission in life is to inform, provide insight and analyse finance opportunities for business owners and their advisers.

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